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  • One-click Matching

    MindMatcher finds relevant candidates/jobs with one click only!
  • Similarity

    You found a relevant CV/Job? MindMatcher find similar offers in competencies for your needs
  • Competencies Predictor

    MindMatcher automatically enhances your document with unwritten competencies thanks to a specific algorithm and knowledgebase containing more than 16.000 competencies!

Meet the Team

Hi, We are MindMatcher!

MindMatcher was incorporated in 2012 by 5 experts in the field of human resources, mathematics, language technology and software engineering at PhD and MSc level.

  •        Matthieu Lafon       
  •        Julien Crozon       
  •       Florent André       
  • Amandine Bugnicourt
  •  Barthélémy Durette 

MindMatcher is an innovative, fast-growing software company that provides simple and efficient solutions to the Human Resources sector.

MindMatcher aims to provide its worldwide clients with powerful tailored solutions to meet their needs in all human resource processes, such as recruitment, staffing, manpower management and planning, manpower competencies development, etc.

Our expert team develops advanced algorithms which enable computers to use unstructured textual information. Our innovative technology involves cognitive sciences, mathematics (data mining, bayesian probabilities, deep learning, etc.) and some semantics and linguistics tricks.

Our new technology approach («user-driven, data-backed, maths-powered») allows our users to search without any keyword use, and to manage their applications/applicants easily with the best available accuracy.

Contact us!

  • Feel free to contact us and ask for a Demo: contact[at]

    MindMatcher is proud to introduce its Partners:

    MindMatcher is incubated at Agoranov, Parisian business incubator
    for innovative technology start-ups after a detailed expertise
    of our company and a grand jury.

    MindMatcher benefits from the funding, the community and the training
    offered by Agoranov since January 2012
    and Scientipôle since February 2013.
  • Where to find us

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