Created in 2012 by experts in Human Resources, mathematiques, cognitive sciences and IT engineering, MindMatcher supports HR professionals in Big data collection and analysis, especially thanks to its innovative matching engine between Candidates and job offers, and its new application based on skills visualizations,

Mindmatcher, big data.

Our goal


To be a new intermediation media between skills offers and skills seekers, based on skills visualizations and Big Data expertise, by putting human relations in the core of our philosophy

Mindmatcher, expert & creative.

What makes us different


A strong expertise on Big Data and HR issues for several years and various skills within the MindMatcher team.

tLots of missions with Pôle Emploi and today, MindMatcher is part of the Program NET (Numeric, Employment, Work) withing the PIA (Program Investing for the Future) supporting by the Ministry of Labour